Hello world!

For the last 2 days I have had an inkling to start a blog.  I spend a lot of time at night reading others and getting inspiration from those that write.  Over the years God has led me on many journey’s and he has helped me through many times that I never thought I could make it through.  Today I have been led to start another journey in life and hopefully inspire others.

God gave me the gift in life of being a crafty person.  I love to go from one craft to another.  I use these items to make others days.  You never know in life how your joy in making something for others might change someones day or world!  I let my crafts be my relaxation.  I use it as my stress relief and in turn get comfort in others comfort.

So today this new road starts and I am now going to take each of you on my journey with me!!!!  Hope I do not bore you!